Cor-Vital Enema Kit


This enema kit contains everything you need to complete your at-home enema.

48 ounce capacity


This coffee enema kit is designed to give you everything you need to complete your enema in the privacy of your own home. The see-through enema bucket BPA free and is marked in both ounces and milliliters to allow you to see exactly how much liquid it carries, as well as how the liquid is flowing. The soft, lubricated vinyl enema tube is clear so you can check if liquid is flowing properly. A red latex enema tube is also included which allows for safe, comfortable, and deeper insertion and cleansing. This tube is designed for one-handed operation.

Kit includes:

  • 48 ounce BPA-free enema bucket with reinforced handles
  • 1/5 pound enema coffee
  • Clear, soft vinyl enema tube with clamp to control flow
  • Red latex enema tube for comfortable insertion
  • Underpad to protect surface from any spillage
  • Instructional Booklet