Rhonda Allison IllumiColour Mineral Glow System


Buy the Kit “mineral Glow System” in any of the colors and save 10%!

Each kit includes:

  • RA IllumiColour Brush (1)
  • Natural Mineral Crème (30ml)
  • Mineral Powder (9ml)



Apply crème with clean hands for a luminescent, effortless-looking glow. For more coverage, a second application may be applied after crème sets for approximately 5 minutes.

For an airbrushed look, apply crème to skin with clean hands and RA brush. Use circular brush motions to blend color in. Crème may also be applied with brush only instead of hands for slightly different finish.

For fuller coverage, dispense two pumps of crème into RA powder lid and add desired amount of powder. Mix well and then apply with brush to face and neck using circular motions.

For a matte look, apply powder with RA brush using small circular motions to blend in color. Finish with a mist of Cucumber Spritz.
RA IllumiColour is buildable – our recommendation is to start off light, then build colour to desired coverage.


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