dōTERRA Deep Blue Touch


Experience the cooling benefits of our proprietary Deep Blue Soothing Blend in a gentle formula that’s perfect for children and those with sensitive skin.

10 mL


doTERRA Deep Blue Touch delivers the soothing benefits of Deep Blue essential oil blend in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil—perfect for those with sensitive skin. Packaged in a convenient roll-on, doTERRA Deep Blue Touch can be used as a soothing massage and to provide a soothing effect when needed. Try rubbing doTERRA Deep Blue Touch on your hands, wrists, shoulders, and neck after exercising, lifting, or working long hours. Experience the cooling and refreshing sensation of doTERRA Deep Blue Touch.

  • Soothing and cooling oil blend
  • Provides a comforting massage

Aromatic Description: minty, camphoraceous

Fractionated coconut oil, wintergreen leaf, camphor bark, peppermint plant, ylang ylang flower, helichrysum flower, blue tansy flower, blue chamomile flower, osmanthus flower