Damminix Tick Tubes (set of 6 tubes)


Don’t let ticks and Lyme disease hold you hostage inside this Spring and Summer… Damminix Tick Tubes® are here to let you Take Back The Outdoors!

Lyme Disease is spread by hard to reach deer ticks. You realize the key to protecting against Lyme is controlling your exposure to these ticks, but how? You need an intelligent tick control solution that lets you, your children and your pets safely enjoy the outdoors. Your solution is Damminix Tick Tubes®.

It is well known that deer spread ticks infected with Lyme disease. However, did you know that these same ticks get Lyme disease from mice, not deer? Damminix Ticks Tubes® rely on the natural nesting instincts of mice to take the battle to source and deliver tick controlling permethrin directly to this host animal and the ticks it infects.

Damminix Tick Tubes® are biodegradable, cardboard tubes filled with permethrin treated cotton balls. Mice collect the cotton to build their nests. Deer ticks that feed on mice in the Spring and the Fall are exposed to permethrin and killed. All the while, the mice, other mammals and your lands are unharmed and undisturbed.

Damminix Tick Tubes®:

  • Provide an environmentally friendly, easy to use and precisely targeted solution to kill deer ticks.
  • Have proven results of up to a 10-fold reduction of exposure to a tick that could give you Lyme disease.
  • Do not expire, are EPA approved and made in the USA.